3 authentic ethnic restaurants in Larnaka

3 authentic ethnic restaurants in Larnaka

A trip around the world on our dinner table

Year after year, Larnaka takes us on a more authentic journey to the cuisines of the world - so we focus on ethnic restaurants.

On their menus, every bite is a new destination, every dish a journey, every sip a new taste experience. Dishes from India and recipes from Syria, Lebanon...

In our list we have collected 3 top restaurants from the ethnic heart of Larnaka that have typical dishes from the most popular cuisines of the world, allowing us to freely choose the flavours that suit our mood.


Masti Indian Bar & Restaurant

Lively and fun, the Indian bar restaurant "Masti" is an ethnic refuge in the city of Zenon, managing to combine classic Indian cuisine with a modern environment.

In the small Indian restaurant of Piale Pasha, whose decoration attracts attention, an urban aesthetic space, with large windows overlooking the sea, we enjoy authentic Indian dishes made from quality raw materials, accompanied by classic and signature cocktails, under relaxed sounds.

You can start your culinary journey with Chili Chicken, Fish Pakora and Mixed Vegetable Pakora. Follow up with the favourite Tandoori Chicken Wings, Tandoori Lamb Chops or Delhi 6 Butter Chicken. Of course we don't forget to try some of the traditional rice dishes, such as Pulao Rice and Mushroom Pulao.
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Watar Ziryab Restaurant & Bar

A walk in the heart of Larnaka, towards the square of the church of Saint Lazarus, will lead you to the atmospheric rooftop restaurant-bar Watar Ziryab.

Modern and with lively vibes, greenery and scenic views, it explores the culinary culture of Jordanian and Arabic cuisine.

At Watar Ziryab they offer flavours that tell stories of the rich cultural heritage of Jordan and the tradition of Lebanon and Syria.

Enjoy crispy falafel, juicy kebabs, chicken dishes, grilled fish, burgers and rich hot and cold mezedes.

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Dar Beirut Lebanese Restaurant

The Dar Beirut restaurant on Dekelia Road, with its modern decoration, is one of our favourite choices. After all, their philosophy is to offer "delicious journeys" through different tastes and smells.

The chef of the restaurant, Rony El Husseiny, with a selection of good ingredients always cooks with knowledge and special love. The result is that you eat authentic food from Lebanon and think that you have tasted it in a home, from a familiar, loving hand.

On the menu are traditional Lebanese dishes such as hummus, egg-plant salad with tahini, tabbouleh, spicy pastourma and cheese fritters, lakhmatjoun, kibbeh and sumptuous kebabs.
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