9 taverns with Cypriot cuisine that we all love

9 taverns with Cypriot cuisine that we all love

Delicious food, great atmosphere and a rich history in these authentic spots

Traditional Cypriot Cuisine is perhaps the most loved cuisine in all of Cyprus. We searched for and found 9 restaurants and taverns in Cyprus that we adore.

Both Cypriots and tourists, lovers of Cypriot cuisine, can enjoy countless traditional dishes in these warm, welcoming places, from where familiar and delicious smells emerge.


Mandra Tavern

This beautiful tavern has been operating for more than 44 years. It is one of the oldest restaurants in Pafos serving traditional Cypriot cuisine.

Their menu is designed to showcase Cypriot cuisine and its influences. Their juicy ribs remain one of their strongest dishes, they are thinly sliced, kept nicely on the bone which make them stay juicy and soft. But the kleftiko, the stew, the grilled dishes and the Souvla, as well as the meat meze will definitely surprise you.

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Tsiakkas Beach Tavern

In 1985 the Tsiakka family made the decision to open this beautiful tavern, in Kissonerga.

After so many years they continue to incorporate tradition in their tavern with their souvla, souvlakia and seafood that melts in your mouth. Everything is prepared in the traditional way it was meant to. Enjoy delicious traditional food with a beautiful sea view and live music every Friday and Saturday.

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Takis Kebab House

You are in one of the most picturesque locations and beautifully preserved old neighbourhoods of Larnaka. Takis Kebab House has been operating since 1966 and is based on tradition, quality, taste and family.

It has become a must destination for lovers of good meat. Their Souvlakia (pork and chicken) have made them famous, but that's not all they serve. In the restaurant you can eat grilled dishes, pork chops, chicken, sausage, pasturma and much more.

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Nama Tavern Restaurant

Founded in 1994, this tavern-restaurant is part of the city's history. The space gives you a warmth that almost gives you the feeling of being at home with friends.

Try their kleftiko, moussaka, stew, meatballs, chicken, sheftalies and ribs that melt in your mouth.

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Monastiraki Athens Kebab

Cypriot and Greek authentic restaurant. Monastiraki Athens Kebab is a place that offers authentic, delicious food made with a lot of love for tradition.

Its rich portions are prepared with the freshest ingredients. It is one of the tastiest restaurants in Limassol, with very low prices for the quality and variety of portions as well as the traditional meze they offer!

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Mangas RestaurantTavern

The tavern reminiscent of a Greek island has been operating for more than 28 years. This is a tavern that keeps quality high even with its last dish of the day. 

The decor is fantastic, with traditional Greek colours, white, blue and natural stone. The menu consists mainly of Greek and Cypriot dishes. You must try their Cypriot meze, souvlaki, koupepia, kleftiko or their seafood.

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Odyssos Tavern

The historic tavern that opened in 1996 is the best suggestion for authentic, traditional food that you can enjoy in a beautiful courtyard.

Enjoy unique meze, always based on traditional recipes. Fresh fish, soft octopus, their meat meze and seafood meze stand out. It is worth trying their rich platters, kleftiko and moussaka.

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Old Village Tavern

It wins you over with its space, which exudes an aura of past decades, their hospitality and their delicious mezedes at very affordable prices.

Taste the authentic Cypriot meat meze or fish meze, kleftiko, stew, and moussaka, all prepared with local ingredients and cooked to perfection. Enjoy the food with live traditional music and the traditional custom of breaking plates.

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Anatolia Restaurant

One of the oldest restaurants in Protaras, operating since 1989, owned by 3 brothers.

They will welcome you with a smile, they will serve you in the best way, they will see that you have the best time possible and of course you will be happy with the quality of their food. 
Enjoy their kleftiko, dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), steaks and so much more.

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9 taverns with Cypriot cuisine that we all love

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