Funny Cypriot expressions!

Expressions that are only being used in Cyprus and what they mean...

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There are many Cypriot expressions we use only in Cyprus that are funny and it is fun to use them, especially when they cause us to laugh! These expressions are not translated into other languages, but they can be explained.

  • Nakko mousi! (little beard) = Feel a little shame!
  • Oi Apparo! (no horse)= We say it when they say something that seems impossible to us.
  • Lamne Arota (go ask)  = When they ask you something and you do not want to answer, urge them to address elsewhere.
  • Sikkime! = ‘'I do not care, let it happen or let it be’'
  • Eksikko sou = When something is not needed and happens without a point or worsening the situation.
  • Esheksiksi! = It is similar to the eksikko sou, but we can also say it as an expression of something that it was a waste of time.
  • Giati etsi theli to katti (=because that’s what the cat wants) = When they ask us why and we want to avoid the answer and we say that because it has the same rhyme with the word ‘’giati’’ (=why),
  • Pe mou ta llion (=say them to me a little) = We say it to urge someone to start talking or to go straight to the point of a conversation, and it is usually an ironic expression.
  • Men mashiese?! = When we are told something that surprises us - you ask if the other person is serious!
  • Ekame je allous eksipnous I mana sou? (=has your mum made other clever ones too)? = When we mock someone for his cleverness.
  • To poullin epetasen (=the bird flew) = When it's too late for something anymore.
  • Xurin Pitrin = When we want to drive away someone or something.
  • Doke pamon = If we want someone to wait and not to hurry.
  • Kopse tin kkelen sou (=cut your head) = When we demand from someone to do everything they can to do the act we want to be done.
  • O Costis pou ta Kazia/I marikkou pou ta Lefkara (=Costis from Kazia/Marikkou from Lefkara) = It is usually the answer to the question "Who?" When it is self-evident who or when it is self-evident that we do not know who, and we say it ironically!
  • Athkiaji je pittaji = It is said by the uncles/aunts when they do not accept to call it that way.
  • Epepsan se I irtes monos sou? (=did they send you or did you come here by yourself?) = If the presence of someone is not at all useful at this time or you want to drive him away in a side way.
  • O mouhtis epethane! (=the free died) = When you want to show that nothing is free and that your job will not be done if you do not pay!
  • Eppesen to arfali mou! (=my belly dropped) = When we get too hungry!
  • Athkiasi! = When they tell us about something that we would not have any appetite or time to do it.
  • Aksis! = When someone asks us '' huh? '' And we answer ironically or angrily and it’s a rude way to respond.
  • Eyies! = When someone asks us ''e?'' and we answer ironically or angrily and it’s a rude way to respond.
  • Enna ta kamis shioni (=you will make them snow) A ironic expression to tell someone that whatever they will do they will mess it up! 

These are the most popular funny Cypriot expressions!

Funny Cypriot expressions! Funny Cypriot expressions!

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