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Makkas Winery

From the vinyard to your table!

With a passion and love for their land and their fruit, their staff work daily, tending to every detail of the production of wine. From the instant of cultivation, until the final bottling, each stage of the process is monitored in detail. By respecting traditions they have developed quality wine. All measures are taken to ensure the highest standards of quality starting from the vineyards until the wine actually reaches the consumer. A key aspect for assuring quality is their ability of selecting the best grapes required for making exceptional wine.

Choose from a great variety of wine from Makkas Syrah, Makkas Merlot, Makkas Chardonnay, Makkas Maratheftiko, Makkas Xynisteri, Makkas Red, Makkas White, Makkas Rosé.

A great opportunity to visit with friends or family to sample the true flavour of Cypriot wine in the making.

International Awards 
Makkas - A New Award-Winning Winery

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Baths of Aphrodite Natural Cosmetics

High quality natural cosmetics born from tradition

As the name suggests, at the Baths of Aphrodite, "the most important goddess of the ancient Cypriots" used to bathe, the goddess of Love, Aphrodite.

Aphrodite's most powerful trade was her magnificent beauty. Her natural radiance and eternal youth made her irresistible and managed to capture the hearts of many.  Inspired by her beauty we use only the best that nature has to offer to help you bring out your inner goddess. 

The Baths of Aphrodite product line combines extra virgin organic olive oil with many other organic substances and vitamins that are greatly beneficial to the skin, offering an ideal natural care for the face, body and hair.

Olive oil has been known for generations not only for its healing qualities but also as a natural, deep penetration moisturizer, regenerating skin cells and softening the tissue. Historical research claims that man's first first use of olive oil was in cosmetics. The exceptional properties of olive oil was accumulated over the passage of centuries and has now been transformed into a scientific fact.

Natural cosmetics with extra virgin organic olive oil and other natural ingredients, extracts and vitamins, which offer a unique combination for your skin and all products are Paraben free.

Quality products, user friendly size packaging, followed by a friendly customer price policy as well.

Products for a complete face & body session followed by a unique bath & hair care range with the philosophy of turning natural recipes into high quality cosmetic products.

Their products provide a complete face & body session, followed by a unique bath & hair care range with the philosophy of turning long traditional natural recipes into high quality cosmetic products.

Must Try! 

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Handmade Byzantine Icons

In 1961, George Konstantinidis was in Athens. While he was studying at Academy of Marasleio, he managed to attend at painting and iconography lessons in the workshop of Sarafianos, where he met Nickolaos Prisnovali and Fotis Kontoglou. Interest in iconography while growing up, when he visited the Mount Athos the Holy Mountain, he enriched his knowledge and returned back to Cyprus as an Inspector of Art in Elementary schools.

His daughter, Myrianthi Konstantinidou, used to observe her fathers job alongside of the study of drawing lessons since she was young, managed to learn in detail every process and secret involved on hand-painting icons and frescos. After the graduation of Lanitio High School, managed to earn a Bachelor of Arts at Empire University.

It is worth mentioning that during the last 20 years she collaborated with the Holy Monastery of Chrysorrogiatisis in Paphos, where she exhibited her paintings in the iconostasis. At this stage you will find it in the privately owned workshop and exhibition area in the village of Staos - Agios Fotios in Paphos, where visitors can watch all the stages of creating the handmade Byzantine icon (wood preparation and hagiography). It also holds a workshop in Limassol, where you can find it only by telephone. Besides Byzantine icons, she also creates paintings that relate to Cyprus' landscapes and various compositions. Accepts all kinds of orders and offers shipping both within and outside Cyprus.

Each icon is accompanied with a certificate of authenticity and stamp of approval of the Holy Archbishopric of Cyprus.

Chrysokondylia undertakes the hagiography of all kinds of icons and screens, by order. Also, the icons can be blessed in the village church, which is dedicated to the Savior Christ for forty (40) days. Local and international orders are acceptable. Shipping costs may vary by destination.

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Troodos Square

A popular cobbled street square offering market stalls

You can buy many souvenirs items, traditional sweets, of all kinds, rose products, dried fruits (no added sugar), beverages, clothing, footwear and everything else you need! 
You can also find a playgorund for your kids as well as cafeterias and restaurants to enjoy moments while watching the amazing view. 



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