Liotatis Magic Family

Very popular in the cultural life of Cyprus...

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The "Liotatis Magic Family" is very popular in the cultural life of Cyprus, simply because their tricks have been amusing children and adults all over the island.

The whole family of Andreas and Andri Liotati are part of the magic team who were fortunate enough to have seven children, five sons and two daughters. The magicians of Liotatis family, are active in all areas of social life and entertain people at birthday parties and christenings, with a program that includes incredible magic tricks, music, and a popular Mickey Mouse Mascot that dances and plays various games with children. Also the group visits schools and kindergartens, and offers its services to various events.

The Liotati magicians often put up the «Close up magic show», a program that contains several magic tricks with money, cards, coins, scarves, balls, spoon bending - forks - keys, moving objects with their eyes and many other.

Finally this magical family takes the viewer into the world of illusion with an amazing program that contains unique world class tricks, such as disappearing objects, cutting a the girl's waist, transformations, making things fly in the air and more! their shows are truly spectacular!

A unique family!

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