5 stops for the perfect dessert in Pafos

5 stops for the perfect dessert in Pafos

As dessert lovers, we present you our best picks for delicious, high quality desserts

We enjoy eating desserts and are looking to find the best. We believe that delicious desserts lift our spirits and make life sweeter and more fun!

Especially the desserts that make us feel that they were made especially for us.

If you have a big sweet tooth, just like us, we recommend you try some of our favourite picks located in Pafos.

A variety of proposals and flavours for all tastes and all hours of the day.

Stephanie Rose Confectionery
Make life better with desserts made with love.

An unbreakable rule in confectionery is that desserts are first eaten with the eyes. They must look as delicious as they taste! Stephanie Rose Confectionery is a typical example of this proven by the amount of Instagram photos uploaded by visitors everyday. 

Here you will find the sweetest pleasures, in a fairy-tale setting dominated by the colours pink and red, full of roses, with desserts that cause excitement and a team that makes you feel at home.

However, its feel good aura is only the beginning: here confectionery is captured with new techniques, quality materials and imagination in wonderful creations.

The Broken Coconut, the Ferrero Roche chocolate, the Crazy Strawberry, the sought-after Mango Lovers, the Rafello and the irresistible Pavlova, are just some of the desserts that will catch your attention in the most enjoyable way.
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Georges Alain Pâtisserie
Step into a Pâtisserie straight from Paris with the most perfect desserts.

Dreams only have value when you share them with your loved ones, and in the case of Georges Alain Pâtisserie that couldn't be more true. A French couple embarked on the wonderful sweet journey to build this Pâtisserie, with great experience and a lot of love for confectionery.

Enjoy the style of a French bistro and the aromas of freshly baked pastries at Georges Alain Pâtisserie. It specialises in organic, vegan, gluten free and sugar free desserts, all in one!

A small shop decorated with love and care which is reflected in its small and fine details. It immediately makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to enjoy the sweet flavours of their desserts. 

Dive into a warm Lava Cake full of flavour served with ice cream or so many other epic sweets of the day, such as the creamy Panna Cotta, the refreshing Tiramisu, the soft Lemon Tartelette.
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Estrella Pafos
The sweet side of life, in Kato Pafos

Driving on Poseidonos Avenue, you can't help but notice Estrella, standing beautiful and chic, with its greenery and inviting atmosphere perfect to enjoy, delicious desserts. 

A must destination for pancakes and waffles that make outstanding flavours a reality. Choose one of their impressive options either to start your day, or to accompany it with your afternoon coffee.

Their legendary #bougatsan is a must try, with bougatsan cream and cinnamon – you can't help but get addicted to it! 
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Cliff Social All Day Project
An All Day experience with a panoramic view full of sweetness

Few places in Pafos have the power to combine brunch, desserts and aperitifs with a panoramic view that takes your breath away.

Going up the hill to Moutallos, you will see the Cliff Social All Day Project and you can't help but be captivated by its incredible view, appreciate its modernly decorated space, dive into its colourful world with its beautiful chandeliers and marble tables on which guests enjoy all sorts of goodies.

With a view of all of Pafos and the deep blue horizon, you will enjoy juicy orange pie, refreshing Panna Cotta, addictive Lava Cake and the delicious Mille-Feuille.
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Anerada Cafe - Bar
The best desserts in the centre of Pafos

Through the narrow streets of Evagorou Avenue you will find Anerada Cafe - Bar, a small but great place that offers magical flavours for you, your family and friends! 

Enjoy classic selections of desserts with your coffee. Desserts made with love, the ultimate ingredient for the most delicious dessert.

Apple pie, orange pie, chocolate pie, walnut pie, delicious pancakes and more!
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5 stops for the perfect dessert in Pafos

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