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Cyprus, a popular tourist destination offers more than just beautiful beaches, holiday makers can enjoy tranquil escapes. Agro tourism offers traditional village lifestyle escapes to the unfamiliar stunning and graphical settings of the countryside. Visitors can choose from a vast selection of activities, converting their vacation to an unforgettable experience.
Agro tourism comprises of a vast selection of activities, i.e. helping farmers with their daily activities, tending to the needs of livestock, taking part in the preparation of traditional products, seeing how fruit and vegetables are picked, how horses are cared for, gaining knowledge about traditional Cypriot village wine, honey and cheese production.
Get a real taste of traditional village life whilst breathing in fresh clean air. Stay in one of the many glorious agro tourism residences which have been renovated within keeping to their original timeless grandeur along with their aromatic gardens, picturesque cobbled streets and its’ unique local historical architecture. You are guaranteed to be taken back in time.
We are pleased to be able to provide you with offices which will assist you with your booking and who will make the necessary arrangements for a tours of the scenic wonders of traditional agro tourism in Cyprus.
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If you are a keen biker and would like to hire a bike for an excursion, contact ‘Dreambike’ who will supply you with a suitable bike and all its’ necessary gear required for your journey into the beautiful untouched countryside Cyprus has to offer.

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