Churches & Chapels

Churches & Chapels

Most of the churches of Cyprus are sights worth your visit.

Cyprus is not named by chance, "Saint Isa" or "Island of Saints". The glory is scattered by churches, monasteries and chapels. Most of the churches in Cyprus are attractions and worth your visit.
Especially in the area around Troodos, several of the churches, monasteries and chapels have been included in UNESCO's list as protected monuments of the world's cultural heritage. This is because of how excellent they are.

In every city and village all over Cyprus, you will find a church with each one dedicated to a Saint, Prophet, Holy, Apostle, Christ or Virgin Mary.
Photo:Andreas Efstratiou 

Unesco's churches in Cyprus have surpassed their reputation and the borders of the island and today are worshiped for their art, they have become a great attraction for their frescoes as unique examples of Byzantine painting. They are listed in the World Heritage List titled "Frescoed Temples in the region of Troodos Mountain "since 1985, with the last registration in 2001.

Criteria for inclusion on the list of the most important attractions in the world are:

  • that they are a testimony of the Byzantine civilization on the island of Cyprus
  • that they are buildings of ecclesiastical architecture of the countryside that are kept in very good condition
  • that the art of the temples contains elements that confirm the relationship between Eastern and Western Christian art.

These churches were constructed when Cyprus was a province of the Byzantine Empire and preceded the establishment of the Frankish Lusignan Kingdom of Cyprus (1192-1499), which was the link in these artistic "exchanges" of East and West. They have survived the wear and tear of time and the successions of strangers and demonstrate the influence of the Constantinopolitan painting, the later tendency of the Italian Renaissance art as well as the school of Crete. The miraculous works are in many cases a mixture of styles, creating impressive elegance.

The following 10 churches are on the UNESCO World Heritage List and are the custodians of our culture, who marries the Greek Orthodox religion with the painting style, with scenes from our religious tradition depicted elaborately in the exceptional temples in all respects.

  1. Panagia tou Arakou (in the area of ​​Pitsilia, in the center of Troodos)
  2. The Virgin of Moutoullas (in the village of Moutoullas)
  3. The Virgin of Podithos (near the village of Galata)
  4. The church of Agios Nikolaos of Stegi (near the village of Kakopetria)
  5. The Monastery of Saint John of Lampadistis (the valley of Marathasa near the village of Kalopanagiotis)
  6. The church of Archangel Michael (in the village of Pedoulas)
  7. Panagia tis Asinou Church / Panagia Phorbiotissa (near the village of Nikitari)
  8. The Church of Metamorphosis of the Savior (in the village of Paleochori)
  9. The church of the Holy Cross of Agiasmati (near the village of Platanista)
  10. The church of Timios Stavros (near the village of Pelendri)

Visit the churches, country churches and chapels and discover the Greek Orthodox religion in Cyprus ... They are even charmed by other people!

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