Agrotourism in Cyprus

Agrotourism in Cyprus

Mountains, greenery and fresh air!

Cyprus as a tourist destination offers more than just beautiful beaches. For those who like in the excursions, agrotourism is the absolute alternative. The villages of the island, known and not, along with their beauty and picturesque, will offer the visitor a series of activities, turning the trip into an unforgettable experience.

Agrotourism includes a wide variety of activities, for example helping farmers with day-to-day activities, experiencing animal care, familiarizing yourself with the process of making traditional products, seeing how they harvest fruits and vegetables, how to care for horses, learn about wine, honey and cheese production.

Try the traditional tastes and especially enjoy the fresh air, staying in wonderful agrotourism residences that can travel you back in time with traditional and restored houses with fragrant courtyards, picturesque streets and unique sights.

Excursions, explorations, new beautiful landscapes, a new world, acquaintances and fantastic adventurous walks suitable for both young and old.

Excursions to churches and chapels, caves, historical monuments, beautiful traditional mountain villages, green forests, imposing waterfalls and other remarkable places that Cyprus has that promise exciting and unforgettable moments in impressively known and unknown places. And who would not want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, breathe fresh air and visit fascinating places?