All the houses are built using the same architectural style

Ora is a village in the LarnaKa Mountains a few kilometers after the villages of Lagiea and Vavla. Like all the villages in the mountainous regions, Ora was also very much hit by the urban settlement, with some 150 permanent residents remaining. During the summer with the return of the emigrants, the inhabitants of Oras multiply.

The village of Ora is built among dozens of towering mountain peaks and you have the opportunity to see it and admire its beauty. Ora is a very beautiful village, all the houses are built using the same architectural style

Photo: Xenia Charalambous

Regarding the name of Ora village there are two versions. The first version says it took its name from the ancient verb vero, which means I see. That is, I see the view. The second version says that there was the old village of Saint Giannis, whose shape was like a tail. This village was struck by the disease of the plague, from which died those who lived there. Then was built the village of Ora, which says information was named after the shape of the tail that had the old village of Saint Giannis.

There are two churches in Ora. The large church is located in the center of Ora and is dedicated to Saint Marina, while the small church is dedicated to the Apostle Andrew. The church of Apostle Andrew is at the entrance of the village, a few meters before the cemetery.

Photo: Xenia Charalambous

At a short distance from the church of Apostle Andrew there are also two statues, the first one for a commander who was killed defending Cyprus in 1974, without identifying him and his second Petrakis Kyprianou.

Photo: Xenia Charalambous

In the village of Ora there is also the Cultural Center "Petrakis". It is located in the center of the village near the church of Apostle Andrew. The Cultural Center was formerly a cafeteria and restaurant, where the young inhabitants of the village used to be old. In the center of the center today is hosted the Hunting Club of Ora. Moreover, the courtyard of the Center is roofed, has a great view and for this reason in the outdoor area of ​​the Cultural Center are organized various events for the inhabitants of the village, especially Easter and summer. There is also a café-bar in Ora.

In the center of Ora, next to the Community Council there is an old - traditional blacksmith shop. It is an old stone-built ground-floor blacksmith, and there the art "changes hands" but remains always the same. In this blacksmith, time has stopped at least 5 generations back.

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