Engomi was famous for silkworm rearing and produced good quality silk, and as a result, women were also engaged in weaving.

Egkomi is about 3 kilometers southwest of Nicosia. It's name came from the words "nea komi" then "Negkomi" and finally Egkomi.

During the Ottoman domination, Egkomi was a small rural community with agriculture and livestock farming as the main occupation of the inhabitants. The main agricultural products of the village were cereals, lentils, cotton, sesame, olives and oil in large quantities, and the vegetables with which they fed the city of Nicosia.

Women also dealt with weaving. A number of women were systematically involved in the weaving of silks, racers, and especially males.

Also about 6 km west of Nicosia lies the old monastery of Panagia Makedonitissa within the boundaries of the Municipality of Egkomi, where it now functions only as a temple.Photo by: Δήμος Έγκωμης

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