Kafes Kipriakos (Traditional Cyprus Coffee)

Kafes Kipriakos (Traditional Cyprus Coffee)

A strong flavoured coffee!

Cyprus coffee is well known in Cypriot hospitality as a welcoming drink offered to guests all year round and at any occasion.

In the past years you could find Traditional Cyprus Coffee usually on a ‘’kafeneion’’ or ‘’kafenes’’(Traditional coffee shop usually located in the centre of a village on the main street) -usually was a place only for men, people used to drink coffee early in the morning before work and at the afternoon after work relaxing with Cyprus coffee and playing  tavli(backgammon).

Women were having their coffee on a neighbours house and after drinking the coffee usually turning their cups upside down on the coffee plate and ‘’reading’’ the cup telling about the persons future possible upcoming events!

Nowadays you can find Cyprus coffee in every house in Cyprus and in every restaurant, café or any other food establishment through electric coin coffee machines(don’t be surprised to find a coffee machine at petrol stations or at a hairdressing studio!).

Traditionally Cyprus coffee is made in a briki (coffee pot) and always accompanied with a glass of cold water. Today is available in the market electric briki for making Cyprus coffee.

When ordering coffee skettos(plain coffee) is without sugar, metrios(medium sweet)1 teaspoon of sugar is added, glikis(sweet)2 teaspoons of sugar is added.

How to make Cyprus Coffee:

By using a small coffee cup(espresso cup) as a measure, count the amount of cups required by filling with cold water. The amount of coffee varies from 1-2 heaped teaspoons of coffee per cup, depending how strong you want your coffee.

Prep time

Cook time

Total time

Difficulty Degree


5 minutes

3-4 minutes

8-10 minutes


1 cup of coffee

You will need:

1 small cup of water

1-2 heaped teaspoons of Cyprus coffee

 Sugar (optional)


1) Put water in the briki, add the coffee and the amount of sugar if you wish. 

2) Stir the coffee and let it cook on low heat until a froth(known as kaimaki) is formed in the surface. As soon as the coffee is ‘‘rises up’’ and reaches the ‘’lips’’ of the briki,  pour it in the coffee cup - now the coffee is cooked and ready to be served.

Enjoy your coffee!

Tip of the Chef

Cyprus coffee is made from Brazilian coffee beans and is available ground, ready in sealed packages - once opened keep in an airtight container to reserve freshness and aroma and use as soon as possible.



Tip of the Nutritionist

Coffee is rich in antioxidants and may increase physical performance. It also associated with weight loss.

Kafes Kipriakos (Traditional Cyprus Coffee)

Enjoy your coffee!