Baths οf Aphrodite

Baths οf Aphrodite

It is a special place, a magnificent source, located on the eastern slope of Akamas

"Baths of Aphrodite" is an area in Akamas between Polis Chrysochous and Cape Arnaouti. The spot is included in the cultural route "Aphrodite".

It is a special place, a magnificent spring, located on the eastern slope of Akamas, near the sea just as the narrow plain of Chrysochous ends and the steep cliffs of Akamas peninsula begin. It combines the myth with the natural beauty of the landscape and offers peace and tranquility to the soul of the visitor. 

The Baths of Aphrodite, named after a small cave behind an old fig tree, in the waters of which, according to the legend, the goddess of Love, Aphrodite used to be bathed. Claudianus, a poet of antiquity, characterizes the landscape as the "kingdom of Aphrodite".
Photo:Maria Kyriakidou

According to mythology, this was also the point where she met Adonis, her beloved, he stopped to drink water while hunting. Adonis fell in love with her as soon as he drank the water from the cave.

To get to the Baths of Aphrodite, a cliff path follows a cliff that flows through fresh, clean water. The rock covers the lake, forming a cave covered with dense vegetation. This results in the source and the lake being always in the shade and therefore keeps the water very cool for every visitor to enjoy.
Photo:We Love Paphos

There are roads that lead from Polis Chrysochous to the modern tourist booth near the source. Since 2006, the Department of Forests has set up a hectare park with alleyways, benches for rest and bird watching, enriching the vegetation with shrubs and wildflowers in the area where there are explanatory signs.

At the location of the Lake, plantains, wild goats, olives, carob trees, thyme sprouts grow. While, in the spring months beautiful wildflowers, cyclamen, lasars, anemones, ghastrias and aspalaths grow.
Photo:Elias Elia‎

Without a doubt, the Baths of Aphrodite is one of the most captivating landscapes in Cyprus. Numerous visitors flock there every day to enjoy the unique scenery and swim in the cool waters of Lake.

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