Millomeris Waterfall

Millomeris Waterfall

Millomeris Waterfall is hidden inside the mountain

The Millomeri waterfall is located between Platres and Pera Pedi villages, in the southeastern area of Platres, one kilometer from the beginning of the nature trail leading to the waterfall.
Photo:Christiana A Savvidou

The water of Millomeri falls from a height of 15 meters and is one of the highest natural waterfalls on the island.

Until recently, the Millomeri waterfall was not known because its location was not accessible. Today (2018) the waterfall attracts many visitors and tourists with its natural beauty.
Photo:Christos Christou‎

According to tradition the fall took its name from the words “millos” which means moist and the word “meros” which means area. It is in a place where the sun never sees it and that is why it is always Christiana A Savvidou

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