Laundries-Dry Cleaners-Dryers in Cyprus

Laundries-Dry Cleaners-Dryers in Cyprus

What happens when your clothes have dirty stains on them or if you get stains on your curtains or blankets? Brand new clothes without stains!

Clean clothes is one of the most important things that offers a sense of freshness to anyone. But what if dirty stains get on your clothes, curtains, blankets? Which are the delicate fabrics? What happens when we do not want to spoil or separate them? The dry cleaners of Cyprus are here to give you the solution, committing to making your clothes brand new without spoiling their quality.

The ancient Romans used ammonia to wash their wool. The cleaners were very important industrial facilities, with at least one facility in each major city. Modern dry cleaning uses water-based solvents to remove dirt and stains from clothing. In the middle of the 19th century, the use of solvent based on oil was discovered by Jean Baptiste Jolly, French dye owner, who later developed a clothes cleaning service.

Nowadays, Laundries, Dry Cleaners and Dryers in Cyprus specialise in cleaning sensitive clothes that can not withstand the harsh treatment of a washing machine and a clothes dryer.

We are now looking to find the most excellent Laundries-Dry Cleaners-Dryers in Cyprus that offer the most unforgettable services! We will inform you soon...

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