Quad Bike Safari in Cyprus

Quad Bike Safari in Cyprus

Looking for organised safari travels? Come and experience the magic of wildlife

For many years the word safari was used to define a hunting trip, however, today, the word safari is often referred to as a trip of observation and wildlife photography or hiking and sightseeing.

We have looked and found the most excellent offices that organise safari excursions with bikes, motorbikes, hurdles, buggies etc, and we strongly recommend them.

All of the following safari tours are known to us and we are sure that you will enjoy their services to the fullest. However, if you are not satisfied with any of these companies please let us know. Send us an email here, we want to know about it.


Atlas Rentals 
Atlas Rentals specialises in renting vehicles, motorcycles, quads, bikes and electric scooters. They also organise excursions such as...
Motorcycle rentals in Cyprus


Quad Bike Safari & Rentals 
Quad Bike Safari was founded in 2004 and it is established as one of the top tourist and business activities in Cyprus since it is especially popular among tourists and local businesses...


The Golden Ride Rentals 
Safari is offered for every level in the picturesque natural landscape of Akamas and the surrounding area. Specifically they provide 7 different safaris to enjoy an adventure with your family or friends...

Ayia Napa

S Louka Safari 
They offer modern, high quality and professionally serviced bicycles, four-wheelers and carts for rent in Ayia Napa...

The history of Safari is remarkable. In 1836 William Cornwallis Harris led a mission exclusively for the observation and recording of wildlife and landscapes by members of the mission. Harris established the safari trip as an active day walk.

The Bicycle is a very widespread means of transport. A special feature of a bicycle is its ability to respond to different requirements according to the needs of everyone, such as movement, sport and entertainment.

Mopeds are a means of transport that used to be used more frequently and exclusively for short journeys in the city. This is a combination of a small engine-cylinder capacity with pedal-like cycles to power.

The Vespa kind of "originated" by the historic Honda C50 in the 1950s and used exclusively in urban travel.

Finally, the well-known four-wheeled motorcycles, the so-called "hogs", are a new relative means of transport in Cyprus, offering more comfort in the movement with four wheels and belonging to the category of engines that offer movement on the mountains, the sea and in the villages.

In Cyprus, in all cities there are offices that organise safari excursions with motorbikes, bikes, and other wheeled vehicles. Bringing all the lovers of nature and adventure close to the wild nature, to hiking, to the sights of our island and of course giving them the opportunity to feel an adrenaline rush safely.

Safari Tours excursion offices in Limassol:
Atlas Rentals 

Safari Tours excursion offices in Larnaka:
Quad Bike Safari & Rentals 

Safari Tours excursion offices in Pafos:
The Golden Ride Rentals 

Safari Tours excursion offices in Ayia Napa:
S Louka Safari 

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