Cafeterias - Bars in Cyprus

Cafeterias - Bars in Cyprus

Wonderful cafes and unique bars, impressive and beautifully landscaped grounds

Cyprus, the island of Aphrodite is not only famous for its daily life but also for its nightlife. Wonderful cafeterias, delicious delicacies in restaurants and unique bars, impressive and beautifully landscaped grounds for every taste and demand. They open their doors in all the cities of Cyprus and await you to enjoy your drink or food, with impeccable service and unique flavors.

Each of the Cafeteria and Bar has its own unique tastes and smells of precious coffee blends, unique cocktails and fresh snacks.

Coffee is a beverage made from roasted and ground coffee or caffeine spores and has an invigorating effect due to its essential ingredient, caffeine, an alkaloid that is present in the seeds of its fruits. The main types of coffee are Greek Coffee, Frappe, Instant Coffee, Espresso, Filter Coffee or French Coffee etc.

Beer is a very common alcoholic beverage. Its main components are water, malt and hops, while it is produced through the fermentation process. There are many types of Beer available. References for its preparation start from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, about 4000 BC.

Snacks are easy and delicious meals served in cafes and bars. They usually accompany a drink and sometimes a coffee. Various kinds of snacks include sandwiches, dessert, burgers, sandwich fragments accompanied with french fries etc. 

We searched for and found excellent Cafeterias - bars all over Cyprus and we strongly recommend them. All you have to do is visit them and enjoy the unique services and tastes that each one offers.

The cafe/bars in the following links are known to us and we are sure you will enjoy the flavors they offer. If you are not satisfied, please let us know. Send us an email here, we want to know about it.

Have fun…!




Starbucks is one of the biggest international chains of coffee products. They came to Cyprus in December 2003. Only a few years later, they have spread all over Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaka, Protaras...