Ice creams in Cyprus

Ice creams in Cyprus

What is the difference between Gelato, parfait and sorbet? You will find all types of ice cream in selected ice cream parlours in Cyprus

The most refreshing delight of the summer is the ice cream. Ice creams of every taste and requirement. Ice creams of any kind and desire. Vanilla, chocolate, exotic fruits and strange unique recipes, with or without yogurt! In a cup or a cone! A huge variety of flavours with a common denominator: refreshing and delightful.

We searched for and found the most refreshing and tasty ice creams in Cyprus and we highly recommend them.

The following ice creams are known to us and we are sure you will enjoy their products. However, if you are not satisfied please let us know. Send us an email here, we want to know about it.


E. Pyrga Ice Cream
E.Pyrga Ltd is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 1973 by entrepreneurial couple Zenon and Eleni Pyrga and is currently being run by the third generation of the family. The core values of the company have

Fabio’s Gelato
“Fabio's Gelato” set itself into the long tradition of Italian ice cream makers who are proud to say that there is no one recipe to make gelato similar to another one, each single ice cream maker has his own


Hans & Gretel
Stepping into Hans and Gretel, you will discover countless types of candy & sweets in classic or strange flavours and of course lollipops in the most beautiful shapes and designs. Next to them, timeless cotton candy that can be served with ice cream, as they do in England! Waffles (bubble waffles) wrapped like a cone accompanied with fresh ice cream or soft ice cream, homemade gelato from...

Milk & Honey
It serves incredible ice creams and has an amazing selection of fruits, chocolate, vanilla and many more! Milk & Honey also serves delicious crepes and waffles that will definitely tickle your palate...

Ice cream is a frozen desert which is usually made from cream and milk.

The history of ice cream is lost over the centuries and given the absence of a technological cooling method, ice cream is thought to have been invented in several parts of the world where there was access to snow and ice. So his paternity is claimed by various peoples such as the Persians, the Chinese, and the Italians. From there, it gradually moved to Europe where it was enriched and spread. Martioni Italo in 1903, inspired and created the ice cream cone and invented the home refrigerator.

In old texts it has been reported that the first recipes for various types of ice cream included fruit, honey, wine and snow.

The main types of Ice Creams:

  • Classic Ice Cream: It is based on milk alone or by mixing fruit. 
  • Ice cream: It contains a high content of cream, eggs, nuts, syrup, grated chocolate, biscuit.
  • The ice cream sorbet: It is made without milk or cream, only with fruit juice or puree.
  • The ice cream granite: It has exactly the same ingredients as the ice cream sorbet except that it is composed of crushed ice and is a beverage.
  • The ice cream machine: It contains milk, cream and is not particularly frozen. It looks more like whipped cream and you are creating in special machines at the moment. You often cover with chocolate syrup. 
  • Ice Cream Gelato: It is called Sicilian delicate ice cream, which offers great enjoyment thanks to its rich creamy flavor, either as an ice cream in a bowl or bowl and is rightly considered the king of ice cream. It is usually milk mixed with fruit or chocolate.

Ice Creams in Limassol:
E. Pyrga Ice Cream
Fabio’s Gelato

Ice Creams in Larnaka:
Hans & Gretel
Milk & Honey

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