Luna Parks and Mini Golf in Cyprus

Luna Parks and Mini Golf in Cyprus

Impressive and fully entertaining games await the young and the old in the parks of Cyprus!

As it is known, fun and play is not just for young children, Luna Parks in Cyprus offer fun to the whole family. Impressive and fully entertaining games, waiting for the young and the old, to give them a unique and unforgettable experience. At the Luna Parks in Cyprus, in specially designed areas, there are Mini Golf courses where one can enjoy a golf game. Golf is a game of skill, sharpens the mind and at the same time exercises the body. Are you still sitting? Come to exercise, play and have fun!

Feel your adrenaline peak, your emotions mixed, become one with your favorite heroes, and fully enjoy yourself in a safe environment.

The fun is waiting for you at the Luna Parks and the Mini Golf entertainement centres of Cyprus, which we have searched for and found and highly recommend to you.
The following Luna Parks and Mini Golf areas are known to us and we are sure that you will have fun and spend unforgettable moments with your friends and your children during your visit to them.
However, if you are not satisfied please let us know. Send us an email here, we want to know about it.

Ayia Napa

Parko Paliatso Fun Park
Fun for all the family is waiting for you at Parko Paliatso, a family run funfair in the heart of Ayia Napa, along Nissi Avenue. Established since 1999 and covering an area of 25,000 square metres with

Dolfins Luna Park
Dolfin’s Luna Park is one of those places where everybody can find something to do. From the special indoor playground “The Disney Room” for toddlers to the most delightful desserts and the most fresh, perfect cup of coffee for parents. The indoor playground “The Disney Room” is...


Star Leisure Mini Golf & Luna Park
A family run business, prices are very low and the staff extremely friendly! Snacks, drinks, ice cream and slush are also served on the premises. Star Leisure is also ideal as a  party venue 

The roots of Luna Parks came from the celebration of St. Bartholomew, which began in England in 1133, which over time has become an entertainment center with fun, food, toys and carnival shows in excessive costumes. 
Luna Parks today consist of a vastly large space that hosts recreational activities, whether simple or high-adrenaline, to entertain various groups of people, children and adults.

The most popular games you see in Luna Parks are: 

  • The rollercoaster: It is a train that crosses some seemingly dangerous points and can often rotate 180 °. 
  • The wheel: The enormous wheel that raises you slowly and gives you an impressive view of the below.
  • Bumper Cars: These are electronic cars in which players try to avoid confrontation with each other.
  • The Tower of Horror: It is a high-rise pole, which at the top of it has a ring with people, which it has uploaded slowly and then suddenly falls down at high speed.
  • The ship: A supposed pirate boat carrying swings that can exceed 90 °.
  • The train of horror: Crossing a supposedly haunted cave with ghosts, wild creatures or dead people who hear them, you see them, and you often feel them touching you or spraying you with water.
  • 4D Room: A relatively new game that is actually a three-dimensional short film projection in a specially designed room. This room is shaped to follow the flow of the film, for example the seats move according to what is projected, they can move like a boat in a shuddy sea. There is also water spray to represent rain, cooling or heating the room and much more.

Golf is a game of Dutch origin with a great spread mainly in England and America. It is considered an aristocratic game more than tennis, because it requires a lot of time and on the other hand both the equipment for the game and the configuration of the spaces being carried out are quite expensive.

The modern golf game came from Scotland in the 15th century, although the ancient creations of the game are unclear and much debated. The game at the usual level is played on a 18 or 9 hole pit where players try to hot the small ball into a whole with a stick. It is a game that sharps the mind and the strategy while also exercising many muscles of the body.

Luna Parks and Mini Golf in Ayia Napa:
Parko Paliatso Fun Park
Dolfins Luna Park

Luna Parks and Mini Golf in Protaras:
Star Leisure Mini Golf & Luna Park   

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