Taxi Services in Cyprus

Taxi Services in Cyprus

Taxi companies are here to solve every problem of transportation 24 hours a day

When you are in a city, what is important to move from one destination to another is your means of transport. And if you are in a foreign city and you do not have a car, then what is it? Do not get nervous.

Taxi companies in Cyprus are here to solve your problem. 24 hours a day, they are here to serve you and to safely transport you to your destination at the lowest cost.

The taxi is a public transportation vehicle, which carries passengers to the exact destination they desire, usually with a defined colour, to make it easy to stand out. Each country, and in many cases each region, has a different color for taxis.

The word taxi is derived from the word "taximeter", which means a meter and is derived from the "tax = cost + meter" meter, which uses the taxi to calculate the required payment for the passenger service owed by the passenger.

In Cyprus, taxi services can take you to destinations within the cities where they are located, but they can also take you from one city to the other if the distances within our island are not very large.

We searched for and found the most convenient taxi offices and we are here to introduce you to them!

The following taxi services are known to us and we are sure that you will be satisfied with their service. However, if you are not satisfied please let us know. Send us an email here, we want to know about it.


Karatzias Transports

Karatzias Transports

Karatzias Transports is one of the largest transport companies in Cyprus. It is located in the tourist area of Oroklini (opposite the Radisson Beach Resort) in Larnaka. It is a family business...