Water Sports in Cyprus

Water Sports in Cyprus

Go beyond your limits and live the ultimate experience, feel your adrenaline peak with the water sports on the beaches of Cyprus!

"The sea for the human race, was always an unknown and an unexplored world, but it is still quite familiar with our nature." For this reason, people have managed to transfer some sports into the aquatic world, enjoying the coolness of the water and the sea adrenaline. In Cyprus, there are points that offer the experience of sea sports, with experienced and trained personnel guaranteeing security and a unique experience.

Water sports, in addition to being an excellent source of exercise, it is also a great opportunity for relaxation.

At the below mentioned water sports companies, one can enjoy, among other things, the following sports:

  • Jetski: Suitable for lovers of speed in the water. The jetski is fast and flexible. With a jetski you can also enter compentitions for speed or just take a ride in the sea.
  • Windsurfing: It is a sport that combines two of the elements of nature, water and air. The fact that there are sailboards for rent facilitates at these water sports companies, shows how experienced they are since these equipment is quite expensive. To be able to learn windsurf you need to be on an organised beach that has the right equipment and the right teacher to guide you.
  • Water skiing: It is one of the most popular modern water sports. It looks like skiing on land but it needs more water balance. 
  • Barefoot ski: This is a variation of water skiing, except that the contact with water does not interfere with the sandals and is considered an extreme sport because you have to be able to stand up without them.
  • Rowing: It is an individual or group sport.
  • Water motorsports: Speed ​​races that take place in the water, bringing both the athlete's and the spectators' adrenaline to its peaks.
  • KiteSurf: The boat is developing and the kitesurfer is in the air. It requires absolute commitment to the instructor's instructions, concentration and discipline, otherwise there is always the risk of injury.
  • Wakeboard: It is one of the most popular water sports because it combines many different sports together: snowboard, skateboard and surf.

We looked for and found the most fascinating points with water sports and we are here to introduce you to them.

The following water sports services are known to us and we are confident that you will live the ultimate experience if you visit them. If you are not satisfied with any of their service, please let us know. Send us an email here, we want to know about it.