ABC Bike Rental

Rent a bike and explore beautiful Pafos

Enjoy your visit to Pafos creating unforgettable moments, stress-free, with ABC Bike Rental.

Cars and public transportation aren't your only options for exploring this wonderful city. ABC Bike Rental gives you the opportunity to rent a bike and discover all the interesting and hidden places.

They are passionate about bikes and know what bikers are looking for. They offer high-quality, top-performance bikes, which are maintained and cleaned after every ride.

ABC Bike Rental has a wide range of bikes, so they are pretty sure you'll find something to suit your needs:

  • City bicycles
  • Electric bicycles
  • Mountain bicycles
  • Kids bicycles

Every bicycle also comes with a combination lock for more security.

Visit their website and rent a bike for your next visit in Pafos.

Get inspired and create your own personal adventure.