DanzAddiction Dance Studio

Specialises in Latin dances for adults and children!

DanzAddiction was established in 2012. It specialises in Latin dances for adults and children with emphasis on musical interpretation and musicality. Through a methodical and entertaining way of teaching, and above all, respect for the student, they offer specialisation and emotional education for everyone to uniquely express their feelings through the art of dancing.

Due to their commitment to excellence, their faculty are members of the World Team Project (WTP) and the World Mastery Project (WMP), the world's two largest networks of recognised dancers. Therefore, this gives them the opportunity to collaborate with famous international artists, thus offering their students a high level of fundamental methodologies and dancing styles from the World's Best Dancers. 

Currently, their school is officially recognised and certified to teach the syllabi or even the choreographies of the following artists: DANIEL & DESIREE (Bachata World Champions), FERNANDO SOSA (Salsa Master) and ISABELLE & FELICIEN (Kizomba Masters). Finally, they participate in international and local dance festivals and events by presenting their choreographies and offering their students unique experiences.

You can find them in Nicosia and Larnaka.