Kartanas Meze Tavern

Constant value since 1994

For the last 30 years, with its lovely atmosphere, it has welcomed everyone who wishes to try home-made flavours. You can find it in central Pernera area in Protaras.

Serving authentic Greek and Cypriot cuisine, Kartanas Meze Tavern is the ideal place to enjoy authentic traditional flavours.

Inspired by the greatest chef and host of all – the owner's dad – who, from 1977 in the hospitality industry, taught his son, Nikos, what a real culinary experience means.

Through his love and knowledge of Cypriot and Greek cuisine, Nikos opened his own tavern, Kartanas Meze Tavern in 1994, creating a menu that combines quality, freshness and deliciousness.

With a mission to preserve the taste while elevating the experience, and to be a tavern that feels like home.

If one had to describe this tavern, they would surely say that here the beauty lies in the simplicity of the taste.

At Kartanas Tavern you will discover home-made traditional dishes of Cypriot and Greek cuisines, such as moussaka, kleftiko, souvlaki, souvla, stew, sieftalia, salads and more. Proud of its meat and fish mezes, as well as their rich platters.

The simple and at the same time warm decoration as well as the impeccable service of Kartanas Meze Tavern, make it stand out for its character as well as the experience it offers.

Homely atmosphere and delicious food that feels like home.