Love Buses Cyprus

Tours in several languages!

If you are looking for a reliable travel agent in Cyprus, "Love Buses Cyprus" is the right choice for you.

  • Experienced drivers
  • Perfect for parties and events
  • Quality and good price

The Love Buses Cyprus Company is a small family business founded in 1983 in Nicosia by Leontios and Toula Christou. The company dates back to when Leontios Christou got his first bus in Nicosia province and in 1980 he founded ASTRAPI. In 2003, it was decided to rename the company from ASTRAPI to LOVE BUSES CYPRUS, with the hope of catering to both the tourists and locals.

The bus starts opposite Larnaka City Hall and is very easy to find. No need to book, you can buy a ticket from the driver. Price: €20 for adults and €5 for children.

The journey takes 2 hours.

Φοινικούδες - Κάστρο Λάρνακας - Εκκλησία του Αγίου Λαζάρου - Παναγία Αγγελόκτιστη (Κίτι) 20 λεπτά στάση - Χαλά σουλτάν (τζαμί) 20 λεπτά στάση, Αλυκή Λάρνακας - Άγιος Γεώργιος Μακρής, Καμάρες