Platy Valley

If you are lucky you may see the rare species of mammal...Cyprus mouflons

The trail is some 15 km from Platres and between the villages of Milikouri, Kaminaria and Ayios Nicolaos. A fantastic valley with great hiking and mountain biking (and photo safaris) possibilities. The easiest way to enter the valley is from the south side, coming from Kelephos venetian bridge or from Kaminaria village. Hiking is on the dirt road in the valley. The valley begins where the river Diarizos (which means 2 roots) is born. One can divide the route into 2 parts, the one from the junction with the road that comes from the village of Milikouri, and all the way to the root of the river (north) and the other part from the junction to the south. The south part is the most interesting and it is about 7 km long, and very easy for walking or mountain biking. From the junction and about 1.5 km to the north you can find the Komitidji picnic area, while from the junction and about 2 km on the south part of the trail you can find a spring. In the valley you will see many plane trees, ferns, pine trees and fig trees, while it is likely to see the elusive moufflon early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Please do not drive through the valley.

Main Habitats found : lakes , streams , swamps , woodland and forest

Altitude : 600- 700 m

Location: Starts at Milikouri Village.

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Platy Valley
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