Shiraz Persian Restaurant

Authentic Persian flavours that will take you on a journey!

The Shiraz Persian Restaurant is located in Limassol and it is known for delicious, authentic, and highly praised Persian dishes. 
We can confirm that the dishes are delicious on all fronts. Main dishes are often combinations of rice or bread with meat, vegetables, beans, nuts, and fruits.

Heart-warming entrées such as Ghormeh Sabzi or perhaps Zereshk Polo or Kebab traditional Persian grilled skewers. All dishes are 100% Halal, boasting a large variety of vegan and vegetarian and gluten-free dishes.

It’s no surprise that Persian ingredients such as saffron, pomegranate and spinach have made their way into other cuisines!

As ancient traders took their wares to the corners of the world, they traded goods, bringing back the eating habits and ingredients from Greece, Rome, Turkey, Russia and India.

Today’s Persian cuisine traces its roots to ancient ingredients and recipes, and is enriched by the great tastes imported from the rest of the world!

Persia is a rich country in tradition, culture, and history. There is a lot to explore and the food is not an exception either. 

On the drink side of things, you’ll discover a wide range of deep and charismatic wines which partner up to the vibrant and savoury flavours of the menu with ease. A collection of beers round out an offering that will cater for all tastes at all times of the day.

Open every day, except Monday, from 13:00 - 23:00.

You can also find them and order online from foody, wolt or bolt

Experience the exotic flavours of Persia!

Shiraz is the most famous Persian restaurant on the island and the only Persian Restaurant in Limassol.