Sinners Tattoo Collective

A group of artists who make body art a special experience

At Sinners Tattoo Collective, tattooing takes on another dimension through an overall experience of searching, deciding, a little discomfort, satisfaction and ultimately a sense of permanence for your own little story that will accompany you as part of your body.

The team of Sinners Tattoo Collective, which consists of eight experienced and talented tattoo artists, will create the design of your dreams on your skin.

With inks and needles as tools, guided by talent and based on absolute respect for each client, the artists of Sinners Tattoo Collective will imprint on your body the design as you have imagined it.

The sterilisation conditions are strictly observed in their studio. The tattoo artists of Sinners Tattoo Collective treat body art as a way of expression, with love and passion for what they do.

You can find them in the centre of Limassol, on Aneksartisias Street.

Get an idea of their talented work in the photo gallery.

Meet the two owners of Sinners Tattoo Collective:

Chris has 15 years of experience, while in the past he has owned a studio in the UK. He works in other countries including Germany, Denmark and Japan.

He has received awards in various competitions that he participated in and has a preference for realistic and colourful tattoo designs.

Aris has been artistic since childhood and has a big passion for what he does.

His goal is to create the ideal tattoo that suits each person's character!

Sinners Tattoo Collective is the best choice to get your next tattoo!