SpaceKids Playground

A very special playground for birthday parties, entertainment and events

SpaceKids is the perfect venue for amazing birthday parties and lots of fun! It is located in Nicosia and their priority is to offer the most beautiful and fun moments to children.

Spacekids experienced staff will guide you in organising an unforgettable birthday party. It enables you to choose the one that best suits your requirements in a great environment. They create an unforgettable experience for you and your children through a multitude of options!

The quality of food, the security of the space and the high quality of the services offered make Spacekids the ideal event place.

The popular Oriental Bakery supports and sponsors the creation of Spacekids playground, they recognising the importance of providing children with quality time in a fun space!

The playground, in addition to organising unforgettable children's birthday parties, aims to provide the best possible service and satisfaction to children's needs for safe play that is combined with knowledge, fully adopting the principle "A healthy mind in a healthy body". At the same time, through the School of Parents and the Educational Seminars for all ages are organised and take place at the Spacekids area, they seek to offer services that contribute to the creation of knowledge about important issues of our daily life.

The Spacekids playground has included in its activities a series of events and activities related to informing parents and children about issues that concern and trouble the Cypriot family in their daily life.
The contribution of their partners is of decisive importance, since with their knowledge they can significantly help to improve our quality of life.