The Bottle Shop Cy

A paradise for drink lovers!

In the middle of touristy Limassol there is a hidden paradise for every lover of a good drink: "The Bottle Shop" wine cava. With an impressive range of varied and exclusive drinks, it has managed to stand out in the hearts of its visitors.

At The Bottle Shop you will find a wide variety of drinks, at reasonable and competitive prices. Rare and vintage labels to exclusive wines and spirits, both for collectors and the very discerning. You will find an excellent selection of whiskeys, cognacs, gins, tequila, rum, local and Greek spirits, and a huge and unique selection of craft beers. Garnishes, syrups and liqueurs for those who wish to discover the art of cocktails. Also a large selection of gift sets in all categories are always an excellent gift proposition.

In fact, at The Bottle Shop you will have the opportunity to admire the "jewel" of the store which is none other than The Macallan showcase. Fans of the most popular whisky will have the pleasure of seeing up close some hard-to-find and rare pieces of his collection.

In addition to alcoholic beverages, the store offers delicatessen products with excellent cheeses and cured meats, while in its cigar room you will find fine tobaccos and their accessories to combine harmoniously with your drink. It also provides high quality drink accessories for professionals and beyond.

It is worth noting that private tastings and parties are constantly held at The Bottle Shop. If you want to participate as well or for more information you should contact them directly.

The Bottle Shop stands out as a destination for drink lovers, offering a unique and complete shopping experience, with excellent customer service and trained staff always ready to help find the perfect drink for you.

The ultimate destination for a good quality drink!

The Bottle Shop Cy (Germasogeia)
Address: Georgiou A 105 Germasogeia, Limassol
Phone: 25321208
Facebook:  TheBottleShopCy2

The Bottle Shop Cy (Kolossi)
Address: 94 Apostolou Louka, Kolossi, Limassol
Phone: 25212887
Facebook: TheBottleShopCy