The Detail Guy (Auto Care)

Care, cleaning and maintenance services for cars and motorcycles!

Do you know how to clean your car or how to clean it's seats? There is only one solution...The Detail Guy (Auto Care)!

It offers services for car and motorcycle care, cleaning and maintenance.
The services they have vary, depending on the type of vehicle and they will fully meet your needs.

Their philosophy is focused on quality, paying particular attention to detail in both the interior and exterior cleaning of the vehicle they undertake each time.

They use the best products to make your motorbike or car shine, stay cleaner longer and have instant, effective UV and dirt protection.

  • Deep external cleaning 
  • Deep internal cleaning
  • Ceramic Coating
  • Paint correction
  • Paint polishing
  • Crystal waterproofing
  • Caring for leather seats
  • Restoration of headlights
  • Headlight defogging
  • Engine cleaning
  • Car pickup

If you want to keep your car or motorcycle in good condition for as long as possible, it needs more than a quick exterior cleaning!