Olga Thoma


Olga was born in Germany but grew, actually, in Greece and more precisely in the beautiful city of Kastoria. Her restless and curious spirit and as well as her love of travel, languages and exploration to acquire new knowledge and experience have led her to the very interesting paths of Tourism Studies and Science.

So she studied for 8 years in Paris while working as Tour Leader and established meanwhile her own incoming travel agency. Later she returned to Greece to devote herself to her passion which is the elaboration, preparation and execution of tourist development studies both for pubic and private sectors. She founded her own consultancy firm in which incorporated, two years later, and travel agency services.

Through cooperation in cross-border European Greece-Cyprus programs started her cooperation with a Cypriot company, which within a reasonable time, proposed her permanent cooperation if decided to moved into the Island.

Last year she's working as professor for a private higher institution in the department of Tourism Management and Administration while still working on tourism and business development studies and preparing proposals for European programs.

Olga is in Cyprus since 2010, and since that first time she set foot on the island, she loved it as a second home. The first enthousiasm for the climate, the beautiful sea and beaches, culture and history, landscapes, vegetation and the way and quality of life not only remain unchanged till today but constantly are enriched with new elements.

Through her articles will intend to transmit her enthusiasm and experience of this blessed land, both from a personal and professional point of view.

Life is fun !!! And certainly Cyprus knows about fun!!!