Anna Dimitriou


My name is Anna Dimitriou. I was born and raised in Larnaca in 1985, obviously I haven't got any issues with my age :D

I graduated in High School in Graphic and Interior Design, went to Middlesex University in London and I have a Degree in Fine Arts with specialization in Art Photography. My dream was to be an art teacher but my summer work at the airport drove me to spend 10 years working as a passenger check-in Agent to Larnaca's International Airport.

I have learned a lot of interesting things through the years and I had amazing and unforgettable experiences. As an artist I have this urge of learning things and having new experiences every day. I could not settle down and relax. A relaxing day is equal as a boring day for me. Even the days during the winter time when the airport is not so busy I was finding things to do just not to get bored like taking photos around the airport.

Taking photos in the airport was my playground because I had access that most people don't have. Always fun to play with the big steel birds (planes).

Now I have left from the airport and I have plenty of time for my love and passion for photography and also very recently I have start to do lessons to be a tattoo artist.