Loukia Hatzilazarou


My name is Loukia Hatzilazarou and I am 24 years old. I have been working as a writer for the past 2 years. Writing helps me express myself better and share my thoughts in a productive way. I also deal with Theater and Art and I love anything that allows me to freely express myself and my feelings.

I have finished Radiology and Radiotherapy and I have graduated in Molecular Biology and Bio-Medicine. The sciences in general are a moving curiosity and they help me to understand the world around me clearly and better. I always thirst for knowledge and adventure and I've traveled a lot.

My purpose is to inspire and help the world to see life in another way, so that everyone can get what they want from life... as I always say:

"It does not matter what you want and what you want to have, but how much you want it and what you do to get it"