Myrtia Nicolaidou



I am Myrtia. I was born on the 23rd of June in 1964. I am married and a mother of four children.

I am not a chef, I didn’t study any cooking.  I just love to cook for my family and my friends! I find it very creative and everybody appreciates a delicious dish.

I remember myself as a child in my mother’s kitchen trying to accomplish any interesting recipe I found. I used to turn the kitchen upside down, but my sweet mother was never upset or complained because she didn’t want to discourage me.

My father, on the other hand, was always willing to taste and comment on my dishes, but most important, he never disapproved me!

Being a mother of four children you can imagine how many birthday parties I have organized. This gave me the opportunity to develop my abilities in confectionery and especially in making 3d-birthday cakes. I must have made some good ones because I ended making 3d-cakes on order for any occasion (birthdays, engagements, christening etc).

So here I am today asking you to join me on a journey to meet Cyprus tradition and customs through Cyprus cuisine.