Ioanna Onisiforou


My love for writing and for Cyprus brought me here to Cyprus Alive. "I have a dream," as Martin Luther King said in his speech. My dream is to make the world a little better through my writting.  

My passion for writting made me graduate in Communications and Journalism at the Open University of Cyprus. This world always cheered on me and eventually my choice justified me. Another love I have is the children. Because of this I studied Education at the University of Cyprus and  I think we all hide a child inside us. I also enjoy exploration and travel.  I have almost travel to half of Europe with Erasmus + program. I am also a volunteer at Youth Councils and when I have time I play amateur theater.

This is me and my world, ready, steady, go...

κατασκευή και σχεδιασμός ιστοσελίδας