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My name is Evi Neocleous, I am from Cyprus the Island of Aphrodite which is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus is situated in the eastern Mediterranean and is the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa.

I have been asked to write something about myself and life experiences, but how can you sum up in a few lines a life full of unique moments, ones hope dreams and experiences? I live in Limassol a lovely seaside town on the southeast coast of the island, being more than a little prejudiced I will state that it is the most beautiful town in Cyprus and perhaps the most beautiful in Europe.

Growing up to such close proximity to the sea, how can I not be but be influenced by it, I grew to love the water and especially the salty water of the Mediterranean Sea. I dreamt of being totally engulfed in the dark blue of the sea, the glittering rays of sunlight shining the way down to its depths opening up all her secrets and magic.  With such childhood dreams it was inevitable that I would learn to scuba dive, so today I will write about one of the great loves of my life the sea and scuba diving.

I love the changing shades of colour, the smell, but more than anything the emotions I feel when the sea changes its mood. I feel that one moment the sea is wild and fierce the next calm and peaceful as if smiling at me and reassuring me that just as in the sea so in life after every storm, peacefulness and calm will follow.      

But above all what excites me the most is when I slip beneath the surface and all the hidden treasures of the sea are revealed to me wrecks, underwater caves, rocks and ravines a plethora of underwater life of all different shapes and sizes.    

I am sure that many people would love to try scuba diving, but may be afraid for various reasons, such as the fear of claustrophobia, perhaps the feeling of all the water above you, may be the vastness of the sea, or generally the unknown, and have difficulty overcoming their fears.

Alternatively for me the unknown, the adventure, and the experiences of every dive, offer me with the spark that I need to feel alive. I believe in myself and with proper training, study, and experience scuba diving has become an inseparable part of my life. I trust I am a good diver, but my Buddy should really testify to that!  About two years ago in an interview I was asked why should you always dive in pairs (with a buddy)? My answer was “my buddy is my next breath, my extra set of eyes and ears…”. If something happens you need to have someone next to you that you trust, and who has the necessary training to will help you that is why every diver should not be complacent in their training.    

I love travelling so it would not come as a surprise that in addition to diving in Cyprus, I have dived in the Red Sea at Sharm el Sheikh, and taken a 7 days Livaboard (Living on a boat and diving 4 dives a day) diving holiday. I have also scuba dived in Crete, and other Greek Islands, in Kenya at Diani and Watamu, Tanzania, and Zanzibar in addition to visiting many other countries.

Of all my travels it is Africa that has won my heart, it is the continent that has influenced me the most not just the diving, but I believe that whoever visit and lives in Africa they will come to realise the true meaning of life. The sheer vastness, the indescribable beauty, the predominantly green colour, the trees reaching for the sky, the rough beauty, wild animals in their natural habitat and so much more, you realise how insignificant we are when confronted with the magnificence of nature. I would suggest that you take part on a safari, apart from the thrills of the day when the sun sets another surprise awaits you… the sky with a million stars so bright that you could reach out and pick them one by one.

And remember that your behaviour must be exemplary we must not forget we are guests and privileged to be there, the same is true of scuba diving above all we must be disciplined and respectful of the environment we are in.

Scuba divers always say “take only photos and leave only bubbles”, and as a picture is worth a thousand words, I hope you enjoy the underwater photos of Cyprus ….

If you may need further information for diving in Cyprus please do not hesitate to contact me at evineocleous@hotmail.com


Evi Neoleous

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