Georgios Markos


I greet you.

My name is George Palamedes. I was born and raised in the city of Patras, in the Peloponnese, in Greece. I am married and father of two boys. Joanna, my wife, is an excellent physiotherapist and until 2016 I was an insulation and construction contractor. Specifically, my sister, who is a civil engineer and I had a technical company. Reasons of hardship and inactivity did not allow us to preserve it further. I am a resident of Nicosia and now I live and work as a private employee in Cyprus.

In April of 2016, I visited the island for the first time. I have fellow friends in Nicosia, who cordially welcomed me. I felt evident surprise from the first few hours I was on the island of Aphrodite. Since then and unfailingly I recognize and admire:
- The beautiful greek land of Cyprus
- The well cared relaxation areas (beaches, plazas, walkways etc.)
- The green, clean and welcoming parks mainly in Nicosia
- The picturesque hilly villages, unfortunately I have not yet toured to more mountainous
- The order and organization of major cities
- The modern buildings, but mostly the well-preserved older
- The sights, what I've seen so far
- The archaeological - historical - Greek Cypriot interest monuments, museums and points
- The school structures and assemblies
- The Cypriot dishes, traditional recipes and delicious wines
- And of course the Greek Cypriots, who despite their mishaps over the centuries and even recently, they are proud, alert and still standing up!

In conclusion, I am a lover and researcher of Greek culture and Greek worldview. Knowing and appreciating the role, mood and vision of the Cyprus Alive team, I am here to highlight the history, mythology and Greek culture of Cyprus. I hope to live up to my expectations on one hand and your assessment on the other.

Have health and bliss!