8th Nationwide Potato Festival

8th Nationwide Potato Festival

It is the ultimate entertainment and gastronomy destination for this summer!

After a two-year absence due to the coronavirus pandemic, Kokkinochoria’s largest cultural and artistic event returns dynamically.

With many innovations and pleasant surprises for thousands of visitors from every corner of Cyprus, the 8th Nationwide Potato Festival is the ultimate entertainment and gastronomy destination for this summer!

During the Festival, visitors will have the opportunity to see up close an exhibition of different varieties of potatoes, old and state-of-the-art tractors, agricultural machinery and demonstrations of the making of traditional agricultural tools, while they will be able to visit the stands of agricultural professionals.

Guests will be offered FREE hot and cold potato dishes such as:

  • potato breadcrumbs and potato and beetroot dip
  • fried potatoes with eggs and
  • cilantro fries


The aim of the Festival is to promote and showcase the local product of Avgorou and the entire Kokkinohoria area. The village of Avgorou is located in the province of Famagusta and is one of the villages named "Kokkinohoria", known for their rich red soil and famous for their agricultural products. Due to the special soil of the area, which is rich in minerals, the village produces delicious potatoes, tasty vegetables, juicy fruits and citrus fruits.

The history of the potato in Cyprus:

The potato (solanum tuberosum) originates from South America. In the 16th century it spread in Europe, while in the 18th-19th centuries it was an important type of food in Europe. In the 19th century it spread to many tropical and subtropical countries. Around the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, small quantities of potatoes were exported to Egypt during periods of heavy rain. After 1909 there is a significant increase in exports and a rise in sales prices, while in 1920 it is now realised that the Cypriot potato was of excellent quality and so 5 years later, in 1925 tremendous progress is made with exports being a "performance" by its standards Europe.