30 July: Double World Day

30 July: Double World Day

Double World Day: Friendship and Anti-Human Trafficking

30 July: Double World Day

World Day of Friendship and World Day Against Human Trafficking

Part 1

30th July has been set by the UN as World Day of Friendship and World Day Against Human Trafficking.

Two very important universal senses are honoured today, as each 30th July day. Friendship, a sense with sacred significance and priceless value, and the fight against the illegal distribution and human trafficking, the blatant violation of human rights that unfortunately has expanded all around the world…

Let's begin from the World day of friendship. In order to face the crises and the challenges of life, we need the social solidarity, which can have a lot of forms. The simplest form of those is friendship. And what is friendship? The relationship between two people that care for each other. Through friendship, we develop bonds of confidence and companionship. Bonds, that are essential in order to have stability in our daily life, that makes a net of safety and protection around us.

It is very difficult nowadays to find genuine friends. When is a friendship genuine? How important is the role of a friend and who is the right friend to have?

In my humble opinion, these are the elements that a friendship should have:

1. A friend will try to make you accept yourself.
2. To help you see your mistakes, not to be sarcastic in any way or rub it in. A friend does this only to help.
3. To be present when you need them the most.
4. To "hear" the truth when you talk to them.
5. To support your differences, spiritually, physically or socially.
6. To take care of you when you feel stressed about something that puzzles you, and to prevent it, not to let it become something worst.
7. To keep us humble.
8. Watch out for us when life is gets difficult.
9. To make our friendship a priority.
10. Forgive and not judge.
11. To make us into a better person day by day.

The basic thing that someone should be careful about, in order to separate friendships, are the motives. Love is blind, but a genuine friendship however, it should not be. In a genuine friendship,  you can find yourself with the other person, in order to share their life, their joys and sorrows. On the contrary, when we speak only just for hanging around with someone, motives are different. In such relationships, we know deep down the limits and what we can share with the other person. When someone of the two gets bored, this kind of friendship stops to exist. Precisely because it was only this kind of friendship. Every one of us is free to choose there friends and we should not make this decision lightly, because today real friends are rare. In general, friends are very important in our life, and it is very difficult to find them.

How much alienation exists in the significance of friendship? We have become very fake nowadays. How many real friends do we actually have? Are we alienated and have we replaced friends with computers? Did we become impersonal and inaccessible? Do we make frenemies and became hypocrites with eachother? Have we been forced to, in order no to be alone to have fake friends? We should never do this, it is better to spend some time alone...

It's time to adapt our friendships in our own weights and measures. We have to make a big clear-out among the people we socialize with. Either they are relatives, “friends” or just acquaintances. A few good friends are enough, enough to be in our lives. We must "take out the trash".

Famous quotes about friendship

  • Socrates, when asked what is the most profitable acquisition, said: "The stable friend."
  • Few people have this in their nature: to honor without envy their happy friend (Aeschylus)
  • Friends are Gods way of apologizing for the relatives that he gave us (Anonymous)
  • A genuine friend is the one that overlooks your failures and endures your successes (Doug Larson)
  • Everyone listens to what you say. Friends listen carefully to what you say. Good friends hear what you do not say (Anonymous)
  • A friend is somebody that gives you complete freedom to be yourself (Jim Morrison)
  • A real friend is the one that comes near when the rest of the world backs away from you (Walter Winchell)
  • Your friend is the person that knows everything about you and, nevertheless, still likes you (Elbert Hubbard)
  • A friend is the one that raises you high in the sky when your own feathers forget how to fly (Anonymous)