Animals abuse at a kebab house

Animals abuse at a kebab house

Stolen and tortured kittens..

In an illegal kebab house located in Strovolos Nicosia, abused kittens were found, that were trapped and stolen by the owners of the restaurant.  

A woman heard a cat crying behind her home, in this Kebab house. The woman and her husband searched for their kitten but it had disappeared, and it was their third lost cat in total. They found the poor kitten in a bad situation, locked in a cage with steel wire next to the restaurants oven used for kleftiko... This couple fortunately took pictures and denounced them for theft and abuse.

Imagine how many other poor animals have been stolen and tortured by the owners of this restaurant, long before this couple discovered them. 

Please share to animal organisations and anywhere else that would be useful.

The photos that they took:

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