Caledonia (Kalidonia) Waterfalls, Platres

Caledonia (Kalidonia) Waterfalls, Platres

A Trail Into Nature

Caledonia Waterfalls is one of the highest waterfalls in Cyprus. It is located on Platres Village in Troodos and the water fells from a height of 12 meters. It can be reached via a walking path.

The waterfall is surrounded by forest in a very beautiful area with breathtaking views. The trail is 3km long and can last up to 2 hours. It can also be divided into two parts, the first one which is the higher one that leads to the waterfalls and the second one which leads from the waterfall to Platres.

The trail is considered not that difficult but this may vary because of the changes in gradient and the climate during the time of the visit. It is recommended to use decent shoes for the trail. Adults and children can complete the trail without any problems but is tis not suitable for very young children. For people who do not have very good fitness levels they can skip the long nature walk path, as there is an easy access (by foot) which leads straight to the main waterfall, but you are going to miss the magic of everything else. The shortcut is about 20 minute’s walk, from Aedonion road by the trout farm in Pano Platres, known as Psilo Dentro.

While walking in the nature trail you can see many species of the local flora and various plants. It is a magical trail of nature where you can chill and enjoy the natural sound of the wind on the tree leaves as well as the magnificent bird singing. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that the name of Caledonia falls originates from the swallow birds that sing during the spring and summer period.