Cyprus is one of the top destinations
Friday 03/07/2020

Cyprus is one of the top destinations

Our island, a pole of attraction

Cyprus is highly preferred by the public for this summer. Tourists want to visit our island as soon as the travel restrictions are completely gone.
Europeans make up the bulk of Greek and Cypriot tourism. Greece after a survey by Horwarth HTL Greece is in 3rd place in terms of preferences after Spain and Italy. Horwarth conducted an initial survey on the Internet that clearly shows the public's preferences for summer vacations. The research also shows the main criteria for choosing a vacation after the COVID season.
Among the destinations in the Mediterranean, Greece with 15.01%, is in the 3rd place, a preference for summer vacations. While Cyprus holds 4.68% of the public's preference. Horwarth Xenophon Petropoulos, Greece's director, said, among other things, that there would be a major recovery in the face of tourism.
Greece's first preferred destinations are:

  • Halkidiki (18.35%),
  • Crete (15.60%),
  •  Sandorin (13.76%),
  • Corfu & Mykonos (11.93%),
  •  Rhodes (11.01%).

 Other Greek destinations that emerged from the survey are:

  • Ionian Islands (4.59%)
  • Cyclades (3.67%),
  • Kos (3.67%),
  • Peloponnese (2.75%).