Ayia Napa Harbour

Ayia Napa Harbour

One of the trademarks of Ayia Napa

The harbor of Ayia Napa has been completely renovated and hold a place in the "special" features of Ayia Napa.

It is a port with turquoise waters, in the middle of the harbour you can also see the lighthouse.
Photo:Ellada Tsokkou-Pitsiri‎

Today (2018), it is framed by a large paved area with paths and trendy cafes, restaurants, beautiful statues and an open-air theater.
Photo: Ανδρούλα Γεωργιάδου

The fishing harbor of Ayia Napa hosts a huge number of fishing boats. Fishermen on the dock with their fishing boats and their rails add another enchanting touch to the landscape. In recent years with the development of summer tourism in the area, the harbor also hosts recreational craft.
Photo:Ellada Tsokkou-Pitsiri‎

The most busy point of the harbor is the famous fish taverns with their delicious fresh fish.

Several events are also taking place at the Harbor of Ayia Napa. There, every year, the feast of the cataclysm is celebrated with traditional music, dance groups and fireworks.
Photo:Ellada Tsokkou-Pitsiri‎

Its setting is breathtaking, while the tranquility and relaxation that offers hundreds of local and foreign visitors is unique.

The harbor is a gem for Ayia Napa, offering another sensation both day and night.
Photo: George Sardalos

You can also admire the famous church of St. George! The church is located in the heart of the Harbor of Ayia Napa, also known as Limanaki Square. The church of St. George is one of the top tourist attractions in the area.

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