Caledonia (Kalidonia) Waterfalls

Caledonia (Kalidonia) Waterfalls

Caledonia (Kalidonia) Waterfall is surrounded by forest in a very beautiful area with breathtaking views

The Calidonia waterfall at Platres, like Millomeri, is formed by the flow of Kryos River.

The Kryos River originates from the mountainside of the Cyprus Olympus, the Chionistra as it is called.
Photo: Andreas Demetriou‎

The waters of the Calidonia waterfall falls from a height of 12 meters offering a spectacular sight.

The waterfall can be reached by car or on foot through the nature trail leading to the waterfall, enjoying the magic of scenery and nature at a distance of two kilometers.
Photo: George Economides‎

The flora you encounter on the route are: Salvia willeana, Arabis purpurea, Genista fasselata subsp. Crudelis, Mentha longifolia subsp. Cypria, Euphorbia veneris, Quercus alnifolia.
Photo: Andreas Pavlikkas

In addition, the fauna that can be admired by the visitor if they are lucky are: Fox, Hare, Hedgehog, Spidaetos, Kissa, Fassa, Perdika, Tryoprasi, Skalifourta, Fiina and the Cypriot Snake.
Photo: Andreas Pavlikkas

For the map of the area, click HERE