Church of Profitis Elias - Protaras

Church of Profitis Elias - Protaras

Built on a steep cliff

The Church of Prophet Elias is built on a steep cliff in the Protaras area and is visible from miles away.
Photo:Constantinos Antoniadis

This chapel was built in 1984 and was built on the site of another smaller Byzantine chapel.
Photo: Apostolos Kadis

Access to the chapel is a bit difficult as anyone who wishes to visit it has to climb 156 stairs!
Photo: Σελίδα Το Παραλίμνι

Nearby you can see a beautiful park where guests can relax.
Photo:Giorgos Petridis‎

Hundreds of visitors, in the summer months, come to worship the grace of Prophet Elia but also to enjoy the splendid panoramic view spreading in front of their eyes.

In the evenings, the hill with the chapel of Prophet Elias is illuminated and creates an exquisite site.
Photo: Andrew Karter

Every year, on 20th July, there is a brilliant event at the chapel, with the visits of thousands of believers.

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