Profitis Elias (Protaras)

Profitis Elias (Protaras)

At night the chapel is lit up so that its beauty is even more enchanting!

The stone-built, Byzantine chapel of Prophet Elias is located on a steep hill, a few meters from the heart of Protaras.

The church offers a stunning view of Protaras and its surroundings! Particularly in the evenings, when the church is lit up. To visit it you have to climb the 153 steep steps and from the top the view is spectacular. But what makes a great impression throughout the journey is the colourful ribbons that decorate the trees. These ribbons are mostly put on the trees by tourists, who have lost someone and on the ribbons the persons name is mentioned. It is usually done by Catholic tourists, this is not a local Cypriot custom.

It is a building of 1984, built in the form that it is today in the position of a previous smaller Byzantine temple. The inside of the temple is quite impressive and unique.

At the foot of the rock where the chapel is built, you will find the beautiful Protaras. To the east, it stretches out immeasurably, as far as the eye reaches, the deep blue sea. But where the view is shocking, it is towards the north that you gaze at Famagusta, Pentadactylos, Karpasia, the occupied Cypriot land.

The church is celebrated on July 20th of each year.

It is worth visiting!