Agios Raphael Church - Pachyammos

Agios Raphael Church - Pachyammos

The building of the temple emerged after a miracle of Saint Raphael

The Holy Temple of St. Raphael in Pachyammos is located at the foot of the Lorobunus, in a border area that was hard-pressed in August 1964 by Turkish air raids.

The church of Saint Raphael is a magnificent temple built in Byzantine style. Every year the temple receives thousands of visitors from all over Cyprus and abroad.
Photo:Andry Georgiadou Economidou

This temple is a Byzantine-style building, painted with a wood-carved icon screen with icons of Saints. According to the religious tradition, it was built six years after a miracle made by Saint Raphael to a resident of the area of Neophytos Socrates.
Photo: Χάρης Χαραλάμπους

The therapy of Neophytos Socratos in 1987 was the occasion for the construction of the Holy Temple. After two consecutive surgeries, Neophytos Socratus suffered from unstable pains. A lady (her name was not known) gave him a book of miracles of St. Raphael. He then read it and became convinced that Saint Raphael would heal him. One evening, despite his terrible pains, he earnestly pleaded with Saint Raphael and managed to sleep for a while. In his sleep he saw a tall doctor who told him: "I will do your surgery and you will be well." He began to perform surgery with the help of a nurse short-lived, who was no other than Saint Irene. When the doctor left, the little nurse who was still cleaning the room assured him that he will be good. Socratous woke up and from that moment he was totally healed. In his notebook he noted the date of his treatment, February 10, 1987. To make sure he was well awaited for a while and then wrote a letter to the abbot of the Monastery of Saint Raphael in Mytilene, in which he mentioned the miracle.
Photo:Raphael Michaelides

From the church's courtyard visitors can admire the magnificent view unfolding in front of their eyes.

Saint Raphael celebrates two days after Holy Easter and is one of the choirs of the most recent Saints who martyred almost immediately after the fall of Constantinople in 1453 AD.

The church is decorated with adornment of the Pachyammos community and is a pan-Cypriot pilgrimage.

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