Nature Trail Artemis

Nature Trail Artemis

A breath-taking view from the top of Cyprus

The Artemis Trail is located on the top of the Troodos, the most important natural area of Cyprus. It is listed as one of the major regions of the world for biodiversity conservation (IUCN Biodiversity hotspots).

The starting point is just 300m from the road junction between the road for Chionistra and the road to Prodromos. The trail covers 7km of walking on flat ground through the diverse forest a great ramble for people of all ages. It takes between 2.5 - 3 hours to complete. The trail is circular and the level of difficulty is “easy”. It can be connected with the Atalanti trail that is 14km long. The Artemis trail is well signposted so you can't get lost. 
Troodos is the island’s highest mountain range, reaching 1952 m at the highest peak, while the lowest is  700m. It provides amazing panoramic views along the circular trail on a clear sunny day a great excursion. You can see giant black pines that more than 500 years old and the oldest are 1000 years old! Most of the Troodos NFP area is covered with dense natural forest. The mountain hosts more than 750 plant species and rare species of flora and rocks in the area.
The 90-million-year-old ophiolitic complex of the Troodos mountain range is part of the seabed of the ancient Tethys Sea, which uplifted 15 million years ago, as a result of the collision of the African and Eurasian tectonic plates that triggered the creation of the island. All the above, in combination with its special climate and the landscape, make the Troodos NFP a magnet for thousands of nature lovers, hikers, skiers, birdwatchers, botanists and geologists.

  • Riding motorcycles or bicycles on the nature trails is prohibited
  • The fire hazard in the area is extremely high. The lighting of any fire is strictly prohibited.
  • Comfortable shoes are must, as well as water. 
  • Avoid smoking while walking.
  • Respect the peacefulness of the area.
  • Don’t cut the branches of trees or shrubs, don’t cut or uproot plants, don’t carve tree bark.
  • The forest is home to hundreds of animals and a choice for relaxation and calmness for thousands of other visitors.
  • Cutting plants, trimming rocks and harassing wildlife degrade forest ecosystems and is prohibited by the Forest Law. 
  • Check the weather forecast for the area and prepare properly. The Troodos area is characterized by severe weather phenomena such as high winds, storms and lightning.
  • Avoid walking under such extreme conditions.
  • In case of danger, the use of wireless communication can be lifesaving. Inform someone of the time of entering the path and the expected exit time.
  • Do not leave the trail. Walking out of the trail and especially onto the rocks, can expose you to great danger from falling rocks, slipping or falling.
  • Do not pollute the environment and do properly dispose of any litter. Place your rubbish in the available waste bins or, better still, take it with you.
  • In case you see smoke or fire, contact the Department of Forests immediately, by calling 1407 (24 hours, free of charge). For any information, complaints, suggestions and further assistance contact the Platres Forest Station, tel. 25421422, or the Troodos Forest Division tel. 22608512 and email:

In the surrounding villages of the Troodos National Forest Park you will find many quaint taverns where you can relax, try traditional Cypriot cuisine and traditional local products. Shops, restaurants, public toilets and hotels are among the services offered at the Troodos Square, while Chionistra area becomes an organized skiing centre during winter. Troodos NFP offers a rich network of forest recreation services consisting primarily of 10 picnic areas, 3 campsites, 15 nature trails, an environmental information centre, (near the square), and a Botanical Garden Visitor Center within the asbestos mine. For more information on forest recreation infrastructure please visit the Department of Forests’ website