Stinging Nettle Herb Benefits. Learning about herbs.

Stinging Nettle Herb Benefits. Learning about herbs.

Start Healing Your Hair and Cellulite At Home!

In Cyprus this native health-boosting herb grows always in our yard and fields.

Many of us had the unpleasant experience of being stung, the poison causes a nasty stinging sensation and a skin rash.

The poison that provides from in it's glandular hairs is the protective shield of the nettle but i did not know what it really do in our health this medicinal misunderstood but extremely vitamin curative plant-herb. In Cyprus is not consider as a dangerous sting.

The shoots reaches a height of one meter, while the flowers are small and odorless. It blooms during the spring and summer.

Without waiting and bewilder you in the preface I have to tell you that is offering numerous of benefits such as helping fight cellulite, acne, women who breastfeed (it increases the milk), for pregnant women strengthens and tones the uterus and all the nutrients pass to the baby, it helps the hair to grow faster and gain more volume and strength, it prevents premature aging of the organism and the best is, it doesn't cost cause it abounds in fields.

For consumption considered best young and tender shoots. We can eat it boiled with oil and lemon or you can make a nettle-pie but even more delicious is the soup of nettle. If we add the nettle in the soup just three minutes before the end of the cooking, the vitamins and minerals are not lost. Do not worry for the poison needles during the ingestion, are destroyed by cooking, boiling or baking.

Nettle is rich in minerals: calcium, copper, chlorine, potassium, silicon, sodium, iron.

The nettle tea can also assist in the circulatory system and the blood flow disease treatment. It has laxative properties, it helps to disease and inflammation of the urinary tract and bile. Also used to combat hair loss, helps anyone who is bleeding, has diarrhea, hemorrhoids, high uric acid, eczema. It is excellent diuretic for weight loss and cellulite, for the prostate, against the stone of bile for anemia, stones, stress, hemorrhoids, diabetes, for the treatment of arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatis, high blood pressure, allergic rhinitis, and is especially effective in the treatment of cough. It soothes inflammation and fights germs. Controls the bleeds, the gangrene. cleanse the body of toxins. Generally we help our blood. It helps the period of wives and childbirth. During pregnancy nettle prevents bleeding and enhances the fetus. In nursing mothers promotes milk production.

Always collect nettles using work gloves, and wear a long-sleeved shirt. 

How to treat a sting from a stinging nettle? DO NOT TOUCH OR RUB the affected area you'll cost more pain. First use, clean water on the affected parts of the skin, after take leaves of rosemary and rub the point you have discomfort, it removes the chemicals released by the plant that cause the pain, swelling, redness, and itching. Vinegar, onion and zivania alcohol (is a Cypriot pomace brandy) can heal you the same. If your are in the countryside and you don't know what to do (because you touched with bare hands), rub the spot with mallow. Mallow grows next to nettles.

An infusion of nettle or natural products such as soaps containing nettle helps cleanse deep resources and the elimination of microbes that help create pimples. How can you make this at home?

Infusion of nettle: The University of Maryland recommends daily consume 3-4 cups of nettle infusion for the treatment of osteoarthritis, allergic rhinitis and benign prostate cancer. Washing hair with nettle infusion revitalizes hair, helps them grow faster and gain more volume and strenght. Botanists believe that nettle can restore the natural color of hair and this is especially interesting for people with gray hair . For external use is one of the best herbs for treating oily hair and dandruff.
1 liter of water
2 tablespoons dried nettle
Boil water and add the nettle. Cover and leave for 15 minutes. Add fresh lemon juice and honey. We wash our hair therewith the infusion either hot or cold.

Tea for weight loss and anti-cellulite
Materials: 2 tablespoons nettle leaves fresh or dried 1 cup boiling water juice from fresh lemon
Directions: In a mug of boiling water add the nettle. Cover the beaker for 15 minutes and then add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Consume the beverage hot or cold.

Nettle tincture: Nettle is good for our psychological mood, because it reduces depression. As mentioned if you suffer from digestive problems or constipation. Nettle tea cleanses the stomach, intestines and liver.
7 fresh nettle leaves or 2 tablespoons dried nettle
500ml alcohol
Put the nettles in the drink and leave to sunny place for 15 days to send all nutrients and essential oils. Strain the mixture and use it once a week, gently massage the root of hair. The natural remedies are not a substitute for medical care.

We consult our doctor about any health issue and before using any herb. This was a tutorial for simple steps.